Kent Bestor Welton

 1943 - 2016

 Kent was a loving father, husband, brother, and friend. He was an author, musician, artist, world traveler, poet, entrepreneur, and true Renaissance man. His legacy lives on through his many albums, books, and works of art. Happily married to Pamela Rose Welton for 44 years, they are now reunited and their love can live on for eternity. He is survived by his two daughters and his grandchildren.



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 -Books -

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   Cap-Com, The Economics of Balance
"A new course for economics, attuned to the 21st century"


The Case For A One Term Presidency
"Good case for eliminating re-election, the nexus point of corruption"


Abortion Is Not A Sin
"The best book on the subject I have read"


FreeDress For Success
"This is a wonderful book"


The Dream of Just One Eye
Songs and Poems by Kent Welton
"A prolific songwriter, poetic and profound"


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-Music -

"Gold Artist Award"-

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The Basement Tapes (Rockin' from an Early Age)

The Basement Tapes CDbaby   The Basement Tapes   MP3

Violins Synthetique II

Violins Synthetique II   Violins Synthetique II   Violins Synthetique II, Amazon

Mellow Man CD

Mellow Man CDbaby   Mellow Man iTunes   Mellow Man Amazon MP3

Lost...and Found

Lost...and Found CD Baby   Lost...and Found - Itunes   Lost...and Found, Amazon

Violins Synthetique
"Very satisfying recital"
"International Top 10" - IAIRA

Violins Synthetique   Violins Synthetique Itunes   Violins Synthetique AmazonMP3

Relatively Gone
GrIndie Award
"Soothing, graceful, mind-easing jazz"

Relatively Gone CD Baby  Relatively Gone - Itunes   Relatively Gone Amazon MP3

Guitara Acoustica
"A thing of true beauty"

Guitar Acoustica CDbaby  Guitara Acoustica iTunes   Guitara Acoustica Amazon MP3

"Dig it, good sounds and original tunes"

      Songbook Amazon MP3

Acoustic Mechanic
"impressive, you'll enjoy this cd"

Acoustic Mechanic

      Acoustic Mechanic Amazon MP3

Romantic Acoustic
International Top 100 - IAIRA

Romantic Acoustic

Romantic Acoustic CDBaby   Romantic Acoustic iTunes  

Cool Jazz
"International Top 40" - IAIRA

Cool Jazz


Zorba & Buddha Together Again
"Very Beautiful" Avinasho,

Zorba and Buddha together again


Kawai Jazz
"Another spectacular Jazz CD" - RadioIndy

Kawai Jazz

      Kawai Jazz CD

Lone Stranger

Lone Stranger


Jazz Space

Jazz Space

   Itunes   Jazz Space CD

Another Age

Another Age


Welton Brothers... In a Jam

Welton Brothers In a Jam CD


Karma Dancer

Karma Dancer




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- Art -


Zen Art Screensaver



- Spirtuality -


Sarmad Meets Zorba The Buddha


- Life & Travel Brief In Pictures -



Born and raised in Hollywood, CA. B.A. in History and Philosophy,
and M.B.A. in Economics & Finance from USC.



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